Zarkon Heights Islamabad for Sale

Located in Islamabad, Zarkon heights has been designed in accordance with the Egyptian style of architecture. Egyptian architecture hugely consists of geometric patterns. Employing that geometric approach and rich fashion, the architects of Zarkon heights have tried to combine richness with practicality.

Zarkon Heights is located in G-15 Islamabad. Close to Zarkon heights are the new airport, motorway, and the Grand Trunk road. Once it’s fully developed,  Zarkon Heights would include about 900 luxurious apartments. All of these apartments would be equipped with beautiful but durable accessories. The outside view would be exactly as pretty as the inside.

Apartments at Zarkon Heights are available in a plethora of sizes. These include one bedroom to four bedroom apartments. One can select the apartment type that suits one’s need. For people who need to travel a lot because of business reasons, Zarkon Heights apartments are a perfect residential option.



Maintenance problems are the most commonly and frequently occurring problems residents face in homes. At Zarkon heights, maintenance technicians would be available when called. You can call them whenever required, be it any plumbing problem or electricity problem.


Everyone’s desire is to find a place to live where security situation is quite satisfactory. Be it a person who lives alone or an individual who lives with family, be it a businessman or be it a 9-5er, security is something on which no individual could ever compromise. Zarkon Heights makes great effort and leaves no stone unturned in providing its residents with protected and secure living condition.

Drop-of points and Car Parking

What other housing facilities do not have is a hugely spaced car parking area. One of the top specifications ogof Zarkon heights is its large car parking area and a number of drop-of points.

Double Ceiling Entrance

Upon entering, you would notice the beautiful double ceiling complementing the look of the whole entrance. This attractive element plays a vital role in persuading people to buy a residence at the Zarkon Heights.

Lift Service

To facilitate the residents, the Zarkon Heights have fully functional and high speed elevator services. This is to make the life of residents much more comfortable.

Household Waste removal

A proper, systematic and practicable system of household waste and garbage removal is employed at Zarkon to maintain a clean and healthy environment and to facilitate its residents in the best way possible. Zarkon provide their worthy residents with external clean and sweep services. Providing facilitated living is the top priority of Zarkon

Commercial Facilities

With all the major facilities nearby, residents of Zarkon heights would not need to go any farther. Be it shopping, or eating outside with your family, be it physical fitness center or school, every major facility would be pretty close to one’s apartment in Zarkon Heights.

Internet and Cable

Having a high speed internet and good quality cable have become necessities of today’s time. Top quality cables would be employed to provide the residents of Zarkon Heights with top speed and uninterrupted cable and internet facility.