The Grande Villas Bahria Town

Everyone seeks to find a place to live with satisfactory to ideal living conditions. Selecting a housing option can be quite a herculean task with so many housing schemes and residential facilities in the market. With huge parking, 24/7 security, and maintenance facilities, the Grande Villas provide you with the perfect living solution with 2-3 bedroom Villas. It also includes commercial Villas for shops etc.


Underground Parking

Parking is a big issue and is a major concern of most of the people out there. The Grande Villas facilitate their residents with huge and secure underground parking system. The safety of the vehicles of the tenants of Grande Villas is their guarantee.

Double Ceiling Entrance

When you’d enter, you would witness the exquisite double ceiling completing the appearance of the entrance. This luring feature plays an important role in attracting people to purchase a residence at the Grande Villas.

CCTV security in common areas

Protection and safety of the residents is given high priority at The Grande Villas. Therefore, CCTC cameras have been fitted in most of the common areas to pinpoint any criminal activity and prevent it from taking place.

Maintenance Service

To fix common issues related to plumbing and electricity, maintenance technicians are present. All you need to do is give them a call.

Clean and Sweep Services

Just like maintenance services, the Grande Villas provide their worthy residents with external clean and sweep services. Providing facilitated living is the top priority of Grande Villas.

High-speed elevators

To facilitate the residents, the Grande Villas have been equipped with high speed elevator services.

Earthquake Resistance

Natural disasters like earthquakes are inevitable and can occur anytime. To make sure that residents are safe at the time of such disasters, the Grande Villas have been given an earthquake resistant design.

Fire Protection

To prevent any accidental fire outbreak, there is a proper fire protection setup fitted in the Grande Villas so that any mishaps due to fire can be avoided and safety of residents can be ensured.

Health and Fitness Club

To maintain health and fitness, having a gym near your residence is of necessary. The Grande Villas have this facility so that you do not have to go out of your locality for physical training.


At the entrance of the Grande Villas, there is a reception lounge to guide people, give people directions or to show people around.

Sanitary Fitting

 The Grande Villas are accessorized with exquisite high quality and extremely durable sanitary fittings to provide you with the living standard you are worthy of and to improve your living experience.

Designer Kitchen

Having an attractive looking cooking area fitted with imported accessories is every woman’s dream. The Grande Villas bring this dream to reality by providing its tenants with a stylish kitchen with imported designer accessories.

Built in oven

 The kitchens in each Grande Villas possess high quality oven /hood/burner fitted in them, saving its residents from the trouble of bringing their own at shifting time.