New York Villas Bahria Enclave

New York Villas is a project of Bahria Enclave Islamabad, providing you with beautiful, secure and well facilitated residence options at affordable prices. These double story 4 bedroom villas are all you need, top standard bedrooms and high-end kitchens with branded accessories. Having safe and peaceful environment, New York Villas are a dream place to live in.


5-start Hotel and Spa

What could be better than a 5-start hotel and spa near your house where you could take your family out, relax, and spend quality time! One of the perks of living in New York Villas is the 5-star hotel and spa facility. Obviously, nobody would want to miss out on these luxuries.


Having a variety of top notch restaurants in your residential area with quality food and perfect ambience is a blessing. Without having to go farther, you can avail this very facility within your vicinity if you happen to be a resident of New York Villas.

Parks and Zoo

Most of the people, especially the family oriented ones, look for residential areas with recreational facilities like parks and zoos. Another prominent of living in New York villas is having such recreational facilities in your vicinity, especially for families with kids.

Cinegold Plex Cinema

Imagine on a weekend you’re super lazy to drive but want to head out and have fun. Suddenly, you realize that you have a top notch cinema in your vicinity. No more boring weekend! Cinegold Plex Cinema is the ultimate attraction for people to seek residence in New York villas. And why would not be? Very few residential areas have such cool facilities.

Commercial Area

Having commercial area nearby is important so that you can shop with ease whenever you want. Having a shopping area in your vicinity is such bliss. Instead of spending more time on travelling to the shopping area, you can spend more time on actual shopping.

School and Hospital

Families with school going kids seek residence in areas which are at lesser distance from top schools. New York villas make an excellent living option for all such families. Medical emergencies can occur at any time. Having a good heath care department near your residence is a crucial factor. New York Villas have made sure to provide this very facility to their worthy residents.

Jamiah Mosque

The huge and beautiful jamiah mosque is one of the plus points of living New York Villas.

Complete gated community

Strictly controlled access points are present where all vehicles are checked before entrance. This step had been taken to maintain maximum security in the area so that the residents can live without the fear of any criminal activity.


Wide roads, with green belts and footpaths, add to the attractiveness of the New York Villas. Underground

Provision of electricity, gas and water

Resources like electricity, gas and water are provided through the system of underground cables and pipes. This helps in preventing outages and maintaining power supply 24/7 during extreme weather conditions like thunderstorms or heavy rain.