DHA Emaar (Canyon Views)

 A dream place is the one where one can live peacefully while enjoying all the facilities and perks one considers necessary. Canyon Views is one such place. A residential area having its own community centre, parks, commercial facilities, beautifully built houses and security is all one needs to live peacefully and happily. And what could be better than having access to the airport and the City Centre while enjoying the peacefulness and calmness of country side?  Being close to everything important while being far from ordinary, this is what we call quality living.


 Secure Community

For every person looking for a decent place to live, security is one of the main concerns. For what could be better than living in a place where you and your family can spend the days of their lives peacefully and without any worries. DHA Emaar provides its residents a gated and secure community where security personnel are 24/7 available.

Abundance of Open Spaces

Having enough green spaces to walk, jog, exercise or spend time with family are essential for personal wellbeing. Spending time in such places brings freshness in one’s life and proves to be great stress reliever. Therefore, for your facility, plenty of parks and open spaces have been included in DHA Emaar.

Near to City Centre and Airport

Living in DHA Emaar, you can experience both the peacefulness of country living and easy access to City Centre and airport. This way, you can get the best of both worlds.

Safe Streets

Streets in DHA Emaar are safe enough that you and your children and walk, stroll or bike ride without worrying about security issues. Lesser worries and more joys are some of the perks of living in DHA Emaar.

Neighborhood Centre

DHA Emaar includes a neighborhood Centre where you get to socialize with your neighbors and fellows, enjoy quality food, avail the facility of swimming pool while letting your kids play in the playing area.

Commercial Facilities

In DHA Emaar, you’d find essential facilities like shopping centres, schools, hospitals, gymnasium, mosque and community centres in the vicinity of your residence so that you won’t have to go any farther for these necessities.


While living in DHA Emaar, you won’t have to worry about maintenance facilities as they are readily available and just a call away.


A t DHA Emaar, you’d find houses of top quality design built using only the best materials to provide their residents with the ultimate living experience. The kitchens have countertops made using top quality granite profiled cabinetry design. All hoses have a separate room for maids and a separate laundry room. Each house has a beautiful looking rear courtyard and a covered carport which can accommodate up to two cars. Houses at DHA Emaar have beautiful Portuguese style decorative elements and pitched roof. Special texture exterior paint for separate townhouses is used.


High speed and top quality internet, telephone and cable facility is made available to the residents of DHA Emaar.