Bahria Heights ( Hotel Apartments)

Everyone desires find a residence that has all the basic and value added facilities which make a particular place an ideal place to live. Be it a businessman or be it a 9-5er, be it someone who lives alone or a family person, Bahria heights is considered to be an ideal place to live. The apartments by Bahria heights range from studio apartments to 1-3 bedroom apartments.

The apartments are furnished employing top notch imported materials. Strict security is maintained to provide a safe atmosphere to its residents. A number of recreational facilities are available near-by. Maintenance technicians are present most of the time. Highly maintained lobbies with concierge are present in each building. Spacious and secure parking areas are made readily available to all residents. Here are some of the prominent features of Bahria Heights apartments.


Drop-of points and Car Parking

What other housing facilities lack is a sufficiently spaced car parking area. One of the best features of Bahria heights is its spacious car parking area and drop-of points.

Membership Opportunity at Recreational Facilities and Safari Club

Having good recreational facilities near-by one’s residential area is a plus-point which most of the people look for while considering residential options. Residing in bahria provides one with an excellent opportunity to be a part of and enjoy all top notch recreational facilities and the super-famous safari club of bahria town.

Security, LIft and Maintenance

One’s desire is to find a place to live where security conditions are beyond satisfactory. Be it a person who lives alone or an individual who lives with family, be it a businessman or be it a 9-5er, security is something on which no individual could compromise. Bahria Heights goes at lengths and leaves no stone unturned in providing its residents with safe and secure living environment. Moreover, 24/7 maintenance is ensured and maintenance technicians are always available to help out the residents. Fully functional lift services are also installed to aid the worthy residents of Bahria Heights.

Well-maintained Entrance Foyer and Lobbies

Along with the outside of the building, entrance foyers and lobbies play an eminent role in building good perception. The beautiful and superbly maintained entrance foyers and lobbies of Bahria Heights are what lure people to buy a residence there.

Concierge Facility at the Lobby of Each Building

Highly-trained concierge professionals are hired to show people around, to guide them or to help them out. The office of this concierge service is present at the lobby of each building so that you can seek directions etc as soon as you enter the building.

Household Waste removal

A proper and practicable system of household waste and garbage removal is employed at Bahria apartments to maintain a clean and healthy environment and to facilitate its residents in the best way possible.

Common Area Landscaping

Frequent common area landscaping is maintained by trained workers.

Utilization of internal spaces

The administration of Bahria heights makes sure that they utilize all the interior spaces for the best of its residents and to provide them with excellent living experience.